Hula Girl Festival Hawaii 

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Honolulu, HI 96826

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Hula Festival for Japan

  • 3:30

 2015                   Hula Girl Festival - Hawaii. NEW for 2016. 

                              Producer, Director, Project Development, Sales & Marketing, International Relations, Talent  


                               Website Management.

2006 - 2015    Brown Bags to Stardom (yearly program)

                              Producer, Statewide Talent Competition for Elementary, Middle and High Schools, Sales & Marketing,

                              Talent Management, Television Production, Business Management, Website Management

2015                  Hawaii Music Awards Japan 

​                              Honorary Chairman

                              On September 26th, the first annual Hawaii Music Awards Japan was held at the Tact Nightclub in the

                               Ginza in Tokyo, Japan. The Hawaii Music Awards Japan is a byproduct of the original Hawaii Music

                               Awards which provided the first ever "International Hawaiian Music Category" for foreign musicians

                               and entertainers to be able to be acknowledged and honored for recording Hawaiian music.

2015                 Jarrett Middle School Foundation

                             Board Member, Consultant, Production Services and Artistic Director, Emcee..

                              Website Management.

2014 - 2015     CYD Heroes (yearly program)

                              Producer, Video and Television Production, Promotions, Business Management, Host & Emcee,

                           Website Management.

                             Hawaii Statewide television program to recognize and honor children whose heroic deeds are

                           acknowledged by the four county Mayors and Governor's Office.

2011 - 2015      Children & Youth Day (yearly program)

                              Title Sponsor, Chair, Project Development

                           Website Management.

                              The largest Statewide program to honor children in Hawaii at the State Capitol on the first Sunday of

                               every October with an estimated 50,000 people attending this one day event. 

​2012 - 2015     Kaimuki Christmas Parade (yearly program)

                               Consultant, Emcee, Project Development, Stage & Lighting Production.

​2008 - 2013    Legacy Awards (yearly program)

                              Producer, Project Development, Sales & Marketing, Promotions, Business Management.

                              The Legacy Awards recognizes and present awards to the most outstanding citizens and programs in

                               the fields of judicial entertainment, medical, educational, business, the arts, community based

                               organizations and politicians.

2012                  Easy Music Center Seminar

                               "The Art of Success" - music business seminar held on the main stage at the Easy Music Center on

                                So. King Street. Hosted by Johnny Kai Production on May 31st. Standing room only musicians and


2011 - 2012      Kaimuki Kanikapila Craft and Street Fair

                               Stage Production, Talent Coordinator, Consultant

2013                  Miss Earth Hawaii

                               Stage & Lighting, Video and Audio Production

2007 - 2014   Miss Hawaii USA

                               Sponsor, Television host training, Stage & Lighting Production, Video Production, Audio Production,

                           Television Production.

2007 - 2008    World Invitational Hula

​                                Production Assistant, Advisor, Consultant.

​1999 - 2000   Magic of Polynesia Show

                               Emcee, Opening Act, Sales and Promotions at the Waikiki Beachcomber.

1996 - 2004    Hawaiian Grammy Category

                               Hawaii representative and consultant, Hawaii Membership Drive, NARAS Member​.​

1996 - 1999     Hawaii Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences / Na Hoku Hanohano Awards Member

1996                  Carnegie Hall, New York City - Hawaii Music Awards Concert (May 1996)

                               Producer, Sales & Marketing., Project Development, Talent Coordinator, 

                               At the time was the largest contingency of Hawaii recording artist to perform in the Main Concert

                               Hall at Carnegie Hall.  

1996                "15 Minutes to Fame" Talent Contest 

                                Producer, Director, Talent Coordinator, Project Development, Business Management.

                                This talent contest held on the islands of Kauai, Maui, Oahu and Hawaii for professional musicians and

                                entertainers for the most prestigious and rewarding prizes ever given out in the state of Hawaii to

                                include perform on the stage of the Concert Hall at Carnegie Hall, NYC, round trip tickets and

                                accommodations. Plus a second performance at the Somerville Theater in Boston, Massachusetts.  

​1996 - 2001   Hawaii Music Awards
                              Producer, Director, Sales and Marketing, Project Development, Business Management.
                              The first awards program in Hawaii to recognize musicians and music production companies in the

                               music categories for rock,  jazz, island contemporary, reggae, polynesian, classical, latino, exotica,

                               slack key, ukulele, studio musicians, variety shows, music videos and more.

                               Introduced the first Lifetime Achievement Awards for the Honolulu Symphony, Hawaii Opera Theater

                               and the Musicians Union Local 677.

1995 - 2004   Tamiment Resort and Spa (Tamiment, Pennsylvania)

                               Assistant to the General Manager and Owner, Activities Director, Social Director, Consultant,

                                Newspaper Publisher, Entertainment Director, Showroom Management, Talent Coordinator,

                                Entertainer, Emcee. 

1988 - 2005    Johnny Kai "Hawaiian Style" 

                                New York City and East Coast tour - Hawaiian entertainment production company.

                               The top rated Hawaiian style road show on the East Coast. Touring the Pocono and Catskill Mountain

                                resorts theater & showroom circuit.  Multiple, yearly special guest appearances on "Good Day NY" the

                                popular morning news program based in New York City.