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Hula Girl Festival Hawaii

Mahalo for visiting the Hula Girl Festival website. With each passing week we'll be adding updates and new information on the 2017 Hula Girl Festival. We are creating new and fun stages and events with lots of hula dancing and celebrating the the very first Hula Girl Festival in honor of our friends and supporters in Japan.   JKai 

Waikiki Beach Walkki

Hawaiian and Cultural Stage

Check for updates weekly

​​​​​​​​2017 Hula Girl Festival

September 21st (Thrusday) - 24th (Sunday) 


hula festival​ for hula dancers from Japan

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Hula Festival

Thank you for making first Hula Girl Festival a success!


​DISCLAMER: Hula Girl Festival is an independent event and a stand alone festival produced by Johnny Kai Productions, LLC. Hula Girl Festival is not affiliated with other events, festivals, performance programs, parades, stages and businesses other than those who have an agreement with Hula Girl Festivals. The Hula Girl Festival is being held on the same weekend as the Aloha Festivals but is an independent event - not affiliated with the Aloha Festivals. Instead sharing the same weekend to celebrate the aloha spirit through music, song and dance.

The First Annual Hula Girl Festival is dedicated to all the hula dancers of Japan. In appreciation of their aloha for Hawai'i's music and culture. With the greatest of appreciation we invite the hula dancers of Japan to join Hawai'i in celebrating the love of Hawaiian songs and dance with a festival just for the hula dancers of Japan!

More opportunities to perform and longer performance times. Including new activities to make it a more enjoyable experience!​​

Johnny Kai

Executive Producer